Central location in Europe

Belarus is located in East-Central Europe with short logistic distance to Central Europe and CIS countries. Products manufactured in Belarus are easy and inexpensive to transport by road or rail to Western and Eastern markets. Highly educated work force, low labour costs, low prices, low taxation, and the customs union between Kazakhstan, Belarus and Russia make Belarus recommendable location for procurement and outsourcing. Belavia offers direct flights to the nation’s capital, Minsk, from variety of locations in Europe.


Procurement and outsourcing

Belarus is one of the most favorable countries in Europe for purchasing construction materials, wood products, textiles, and machine parts. Belarus is also trusted location to outsource IT services.


Direct investment

Belarusian government has published a list of nearly 200 companies to be privatized from state ownership. These privatizations have been planned to be executed in 2011-2013. For a list of companies under the privatization scheme, please contact us:


Low taxation

Belarus supports companies by offering lower taxation in free economic zones and areas with low population. More detailed information on taxation in Belarus can be found here. More information about free economic zones in Belarus can be found here.